Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Straw bags are synonymous with the warmer weather - think beach time, light and airy attire, and it becomes clear as to why. 
This year the trend seems to be even more popular, with a huge variety of styles to choose from! From classic tote, to cute and circular, to boxy with pompoms, it seems there is a design for everyone.  Check out some of my favourites for this summer, below!

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Dolce To-Do ~ May List!

It's May and the warm weather has finally arrived!  Hopefully the warm sunshine and soft summer-like breeze is inspiring you to get out and have fun!  If you're looking for ideas on what to do this month, search no further.  I have 10 suggestions to help you enjoy the month of May!

1. Talk a walk through a park/around your neighbourhood: With all the beautiful fresh blooms and green grass, it is definitely a nice idea to take a walk and admire nature's beauty at this time of year.

2. Dust off the camping gear: Start prepping for summer nights outdoors by cleaning off your camping gear.  Take inventory and see what new pieces you may want or need to add to the collection for this year's adventures!

3. Celebrate mom: Although Mother's Day falls on one day of the year, try to be extra nice to your momma and stretch it out over the entire month.  She will surely appreciate the extra special treatment, and God knows she deserves it! :)

4. Host a happy hour:  Gather a few friends and invite them for some drinks on the patio or porch.  Prosecco and sunshine are a wonderful combination!

5. Visit a Farmers Market: With produce just starting in it's abundance, be sure to get in on the goods.  Search your nearest farmer's market and bask in the fresh eats!

6. Fill your home with florals:  While there is much beauty outdoors during this time of year, indoors can sometimes need a little refresher.  Grab some pretty flowers from the garden, or buy a beautiful bouquet, then place the arrangement in a welcoming spot in your home! 

7. Mani-Pedi Time: Get those fingers and toes season ready!  Be sure to select a beautiful pastel shade to mix with the current trends of spring.

8. Find your green-thumb:  A great way to enjoy the outdoors is through gardening. Not only will you be beautifying your landscaping, but you can also experience some great exercise, and soak in some beneficial vitamin D!

9. Visit the zoo:  A great time of year to see the cute animals at the zoo is during spring.  It's a great way to enjoy the sights, while beating the summer tourist lines and heat!

10. Brush up on your language skills:  Thinking about a summer vacation?  Now is the perfect time to brush up on some language skills you may need for travelling.  With summer a few weeks away, you have plenty of time to learn the essentials! :)

Monday, 30 April 2018


This past weekend, Viva la Dolce, along with the rest of the Be PheMOMenal Group, held an exciting event in which the "woman behind the mom" was celebrated!  

As we all know, all women, especially moms, are usually so busy taking care of everyone else, that they don't leave any time for themselves!  The Be PheMOMenal team wanted to remind ladies of the importance of self care; thus, we curated this event, entitled "The PheMOMenal Show" that included a selection of wonderful vendors and expert speakers, which offered women a day to experience some shopping, pampering, unique services, and great advice on how to be their best self!

After weeks of planning, we were so pleased with how the event turned out, and ecstatic to hear how happy it made everyone!  I will be doing a full review on the event soon!
In the meantime, I would like to dedicate this Music Monday post, to all the phenomenal women out there!  To all those working hard, taking care of children, multitasking, running a household, trying to keep up with fitness routines, etc...take a break, crank up the volume on this song, and have a kick-ass dance party!  You know you deserve one! :)

Friday, 27 April 2018


I'm happy to introduce to you a new, contributing writer to Viva la Dolce - my niece, Stephanie!  She is an aspiring journalist, and while young, has already been published in a local magazine in the Greater Toronto Area.  Now you can look forward to her work here on the blog!

The love of writing definitely runs in our family: my paternal grandmother was known for her beautiful penmanship and talented writing skills; I, myself, have been recognized from a young age for my poetry, song, short-story and essay writing talents, and continue to write here on the blog, as well as in local magazines; and now my niece is following in our foot steps! 

Check out some of her fashion advice below, as she lets us know about dress trends for Spring!

*  *  *  *  *

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and spring has (finally!) officially sprung!

With summer just around the corner, all we need to accompany the changing seasons are some new additions to our wardrobe!  This year, there are many new and exciting trends that have hit the runway and the streets; like off-the-shoulder sleeves, floral print, slip dresses and the extremely popular "generation z yellow," that everyone should try out!

Below are nine cute and trendy dresses that are perfect for spring!

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Monday, 16 April 2018

Music Monday ~ N.28

This week's Music Monday spotlights 31-year-old Italian rapper, Shade, with his hit song, "Irraggiungibile."  The song, which also features Amici16 finalist, Federica Carta, is a fast-paced pop song, which deals with the painful heartache of loving someone who is unattainable.

The song's album cover, video and storyline are recognized for parodying the Oscar-winning film, "La La Land."  Both the song and film are based on the idea of the dream, with the characters being lost in their fantasies, leaving them sometimes out of touch with reality.  Shade's delivery of bitter, quick-paced lyrics, contrasted with Carta's sweet, angelic voice makes for a catchy song, definitely worth listening to!

Check out the video and lyrics below:

Translation from with some revisions by Viva la Dolce
*Note: This is not a word-for-word translation as many colloquial phrases are used

Friday, 13 April 2018

A Perfect Day in Italy

The topic for this month's Dolce Vita Boggers link up is, "A perfect day in Italy." While it is hard to narrow down all my Italian favourites to one day, I will try my best! As always, thanks to Italian at Heart, Mamma Prada and Questa Dolce Vita for organizing this writing group! 

* * * * *  

I start my perfect day by waking up on the Amalfi coast.  As I rise from my bed, I catch a waft of the fresh cappuccinos and cornetti, waiting on the balcony of my hotel room in Positano. I take a seat in the sunshine beside my beau, and begin to indulge in a scrumptious breakfast, while marveling over a breathtaking view of the water.

Breakfast is followed by a boat ride, which takes us to some of the most beautiful grottos, as well as around the famous rocks in Capri's waters, "I Faraglioni."  
After our relaxing boat ride, we head toward Rome to be energized by the buzz of the city.  After a quick zip around the famous sites on a vespa (√† la Audrey Hepburn style in "Roman Holiday"), we grab some pizza and suppl√¨ (fried rice balls) and head north towards Tuscany.

Once arrived in the golden fields of Tuscany, we make our way to Siena for some amazing gelato.  With my fragola (strawberry) and cioccolato (chocolate) gelato in hand, I sit on the ground in the Piazza del Campo and watch the passersby.  I take in the historic buildings circled around me and can't help but feel that I'm on a movie set.  The perfection of the buildings is so picturesque, and quite unlike anything I have ever seen before.

From Siena we move on to Florence where we do a little afternoon shopping. With a Nutella crepe in hand, we head to the famous San Lorenzo Market. We also visit all the chic little shops, and of course take a stroll on Ponte Vecchio to eye all the gorgeous jewels!

After our exhaustion from shopping, we head up north to Lake Como and settle in on a beautiful boat ride across the water.  We are taken to the village of Bellagio, just off the lake, and enjoy a romantic dinner outdoors. With live music playing and a sky full of stars, we enjoy some delicious food and wine, as we recount our favourite moments from our wonderful day!

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Dolce To-Do ~ April List!

Spring has sprung and it's time to celebrate the season of warmer weather!  Although you may get caught in some rain puddles, April is a great month to start heading outdoors and enjoying some great activities!  It's also the perfect time to refresh your home after the long winter!  Read on below for some fun ideas on how to make the most of this month!

*   *   *   *   *
1. Spring Cleaning ~ After a long, gruelling winter, it's time to freshen up your home!  Air out your space, get those windows squeaky clean, wash the blinds, flip the get the idea!

2. Buy fresh flowers ~ Fresh flowers help to brighten up any home!  Get a head start on flower season and fill your home with beautiful blooms!

3. Pack away winter clothes ~ There may be some crazy weather moments left over from March, but it's pretty safe to say that you can pack away those winter clothes for now. Don't forget to donate all those items you don't really wear anymore (you know you have some!). 

4. Invest in some cute rain gear ~ As they say, "April showers, bring May flowers."  Invest in some cute pieces to brighten up those rainy days, and have fun dancing in the rain! 

5. Go to a baseball game ~ Embrace the start of baseball season and spend an afternoon at the ball park!

6. Get outside! ~ After a long season indoors, it can be hard to break the habit of lounging around in your home.  It's time to get moving, and start enjoying the fresh outdoors!  Go for a walk, play a sport, wash the car...there are so many options!

7. Get a pedicure ~ With the warmer weather comes sandal season.  Be sure your little toes are ready for their debut!

8. Have a rainy day movie marathon! ~ Although it's fun to dance in the rain, sometimes you would rather stay dry and cozy indoors :)  Grab some blankets and popcorn and make it a movie marathon day!

9. Celebrate Earth Day ~ Give some extra love to the planet on April 22nd, as we celebrate Earth Day.  Perhaps you can plant a tree, pick up garbage in your neighbourhood, walk/ride/carpool...the list goes on!

10. Attend the The PheMOMenal Show ~ Calling all women - especially moms - mark your calendars for The PheMOMenal Show on April 29th! Viva la Dolce, along with Travels with Tots and The Momme Tree, is proud to present The PheMOMenal Show - an event celebrating the woman behind the mom! The show will be held at The Living Arts Centre in Mississauga from 10am-1pm.  This event is a place where women can have a little "me-time," and get pampered, shop great products, discover unique services, and learn a wealth of information to help them be their best self!  Come and join us - your phenomenal self deserves it! ;) For more information on the event follow us @bephemomenal on social media and visit us at

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