Saturday 5 September 2015

VLD Italian 101 - Proverb 5

This instalment in the VLD Italian 101 Series is the perfect fit for this holiday long weekend!  It's a little reminder to kick back, relax, and have some fun!  Get those belly laughs going all weekend long - it's good for your health! ;)

A quick little note on the technicalities of the language -  This proverb is literally translated as "Laughter makes good blood." As well, this proverb uses the verb "FARE" which means to make or do.  See below for the full conjugation of the verb:

FARE - to make/do

io   (I)                                              faccio
tu  (you *informal singular)                     fai
lui (he), lei (she)                                       fa
Lei (you *formal singular)                       fa
noi (we)                                         facciamo
voi (you *plural)                                      fate
loro (they)                                             fanno

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