Saturday, 25 February 2017

VLD Italian 101 - Proverb 7

Hello and happy new year!  As my first post of 2017, I feel I must give a nod to the beginning of the new year.  Yes, I have been away for a little while, but I am excited to fill you in on why...

Home reno, new baby, big move... oh my!  Yes, A LOT has been going on during my time away from the VLD desk.  While my blog writing has been on hold, it has definitely not been forgotten!  I am excited to begin writing again, and look forward to sharing some great topics with you!

As per usual, I always love exploring the world of language - specifically the Italian language on this blog.  Therefore, as my first post of 2017, I thought I would start off with an Italian proverb.  This proverb speaks to the time, as we are living in a moment where more peace, love and understanding is needed now more than ever.  

This proverb is a great reminder of the importance of lifting one another up and helping those in need.  Let us share the light, and help brighten it in others.  

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