Monday 24 July 2017


Welcome to Viva la Dolce's new feature, Music Mondays!  

I have always been a huge advocate for using music to help teach language.  Not only does it add a element of fun in the learning process, it also helps immensely when trying to perfect one's pronunciation of new terms in the target language. 

As a music lover, I have always had a soft spot for Italian music.  Although I may be a little biased, being Italian and all, there is just something about the energy of their music!  Their lyrics are full of passion and have somewhat of a philosophical quality to them (all the more reason to learn the language!).

Don't be intimidated if you don't understand every word, or even any at all.  Just listen to the rhythm and let the energy of the music take you away! Trust me, I'm sure you will be catching on to a word or two (or hopefully more!) soon enough! 

For this week, the featured song is a current summer hit, "Onde" by artist Marco Mengoni.  This is a remix of the original version.  This video is especially great for language learning, as all the lyrics are shown! Enjoy!

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