Tuesday 5 September 2017


With a Labour Day long weekend full of family festivities, this week's Music Monday got shifted a bit, however it is here nevertheless and it comes packed with a powerful message!

The latest instalment in Viva la Dolce's Music Mondays is by one of Italy's top hit makers, Giorgia.  This woman has reigned queen in Italy's music scene for years, and she doesn't look like she is stopping any time soon.  Her latest work, "Credo," is a beautiful, upbeat song, which promotes the idea of believing in oneself. It's a song about forgetting about the past, and looking to one's future and all the possibilities one can dream of. As the song's catchy chorus states, "Credo nella luce delle idee, che il vento non può spegnere, io credo in questa vita, credo in me" ("I believe in the light of the ideas, that the wind cannot burn out, I believe in this life, I believe in me.")

This song is fitting during this time of year, as the fall season and back-to-school, bring forth a time of change.  I hope this song will inspire you, as it does me, to always believe in yourself and what you can achieve!  Happy listening!

As usual, the lyrics with full translation are below the video. However, I have also chosen to feature the video with lyrics so that you can follow along as you listen.

Translation by Lyricstranslate.com with edits by Viva la Dolce

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