Monday 27 November 2017


This week's Music Monday features Annalisa, with her current chart topper, "Direzione la vita."  This artist has been featured before on VLD, when she collaborated with the duo, Benji & Fede, this past summer.  

Like many other artists, Annalisa shot to fame after participating in a reality television talent show. While, the hit TV series, Amici di Maria De Filippi, helped make her into a star, Annalisa had already made her name on the music scene long before.  She began working as a musician in her early teens, and even spent some time working with two bands, Malavasia and Elaphe Guttata, before starting her solo career.  Since her debut album, Nali, in 2011, Annalisa has enjoyed great success with multiple hit albums, and chart-topping singles.

Check out her latest below:

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