Thursday 7 December 2017


I am delighted to be a part of the Dolce Vita Bloggers - a community of bloggers who share a strong passion for Italian culture!  Each month, we will be writing on a specific topic and posting them on a shared forum (click on the image above to read the posts from other bloggers).  A big thanks to hosts, Kelly from Italian at Heart, Jasmine from Questa Dolce Vita and Krisite from Mammaprada for inviting me and putting this together.


My connection to Italian culture dates began from the day I was born.  My parents are immigrants from Abruzzo, Italy, and have always maintained a strong connection to their heritage.  Italian was spoken in our home and the culture was included in all aspects such as food, music, school, social events, etc. Although I was born Canadian, I grew up in a very strong Italian-Canadian community.
Growing up, I spent most of my summers in Italy as much of our family remained there. I am grateful for these experiences and consider them a huge part in helping shape who I am today.  
As I grew older, my passion for Italian culture grew even stronger. I continued to study the language and in my early adolescent years, was fortunate to study the language in Siena one summer.  This was a life-changing experience and completely solidified my love for Italy and the Italian culture!
I pursed a career in media in the Italian community, which I continue today, and also decided to get my teaching degree in order to share with others my passion for languages.
My blog, Viva la Dolce, was born out of my love for my Italian heritage.  It is my way of sharing with others, my passion for the Italian language, culture, and most of all the "dolce vita" mentality.  It is also a way of keeping my family traditions alive, as well as the many valuable lessons taught to me through my culture.
I hope you will join me in my journey, and help me in celebrating all that is Italian!  As I always say, Viva la Dolce! ;)


  1. Ciao Daniela! Thank you for sharing this is amazing. I can't believe you've managed to study and work in Italian media. Such a difficult world to get into. Really looking forward to reading your blog. I'm loving that with this link up I'm discovering there are so many of us writing about our passion for La Dolce Vita! I look forward to reading more of your posts each month! Kristie xx

  2. Ciao Danila. Lovely to connect with you through the link up. I love how you utilise your blog as a way of keeping traditions and your culture alive. I enjoyed reading about your connection and look forward to next months post. Grazie, Lorelle :)

  3. Keeping Italian family traditions alive is so important and wonderful! We love that your parents continued to do that in Canada! We look forward to hearing more about them! :)

    Lucy and Kelly

  4. Danila, here's a test comment, I wrote a whole long one and it didn't post for whatever reason!!

  5. Ok bizarre, I have to preview my comment before publishing it seems. Anyways, I was just saying, such a small world, I can't remember if you told me exactly where your family is from but we were just in Canada visiting the Abruzzese side of the family in and around "Tony Creek"! Hehe. So happy to have ya!! #DolceVitaBloggers all the way!

  6. That's amazing that you had the chance to visit Italy so much while you were younger. 🖤 Growing up based on Italian culture was the best... I might be a little biased though! 😅


  7. I also grew up surrounded by a strong Italian community in Canada which really shaped me as a person. Living in Italy I am able to also appreciate my Canadian roots. I'm blessed to have been raised in Canada with Italian culture and traditions that have guided me to where I am today - living in southern Italy.



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