Monday 29 January 2018


Last week it was rain, and this week it is snow...

This week's Music Monday pairs nicely once again with Mother Nature's programming.  With the snow falling outside, it is most appropriate to turn up the volume on this tune entitled, "Come Neve," which translates to "Like Snow."  The song, sung by Giorgia and Marco Mengoni, speaks about the powers of snow, and has the singers asking the snow to reveal some of it's tricks to help them navigate through their troubles.

This ballad is beautifully sung by the two artists. Giorgia, who has been noted as one of the best voices in the world, has been chart topping since her debut in 1994 on the stage of Italy's biggest music festival, Sanremo Music Festival. While, Marco Mengoni, has been musically recognized since 2009, after winning in the third series of Italy's popular talent show program, X-Factor. 

Check out the two singers in the video below!

Translation from with edits by Viva la Dolce

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