Monday 26 February 2018


As February comes to end, VLD finishes off the love-themed Music Monday tracks with a popular female vocalist, Arisa, and her song, "Meraviglioso Amore Mio."

Arisa's delicate vocals lend to the beauty of the lyrics in this song.  As she sings of her "marvellous" love, and all the wonderful things it has given her, you can't help but be taken along on her journey and fall mesmerized yourself.

This singer, who rose to fame after participating in the 2009 Sanremo Music Festival, is one of Italy's most popular female vocalists.  At the age of 36, she is well known for her great musical success as well as her roles in Italian films, "Tutta Colpa della Musica" (R. Tognazzi), "The Worst Week of my Life" (A. Genovesi), and "Colpi di Fulmine" (N. Parenti).

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