Monday 30 April 2018


This past weekend, Viva la Dolce, along with the rest of the Be PheMOMenal Group, held an exciting event in which the "woman behind the mom" was celebrated!  

As we all know, all women, especially moms, are usually so busy taking care of everyone else, that they don't leave any time for themselves!  The Be PheMOMenal team wanted to remind ladies of the importance of self care; thus, we curated this event, entitled "The PheMOMenal Show" that included a selection of wonderful vendors and expert speakers, which offered women a day to experience some shopping, pampering, unique services, and great advice on how to be their best self!

After weeks of planning, we were so pleased with how the event turned out, and ecstatic to hear how happy it made everyone!  I will be doing a full review on the event soon!
In the meantime, I would like to dedicate this Music Monday post, to all the phenomenal women out there!  To all those working hard, taking care of children, multitasking, running a household, trying to keep up with fitness routines, etc...take a break, crank up the volume on this song, and have a kick-ass dance party!  You know you deserve one! :)

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