Monday 16 March 2020


It's a crazy time... It's a scary time... BUT that doesn't mean we can't still have fun!

With schools closed for the next three weeks, we are all searching for ideas on how to keep our children educated and entertained.  Seeing as many families have had to cancel their vacation plans this March Break, I specifically came up with ideas on how to still "travel" with your kids via fun cultural activities and games.  

I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to share my ideas on CP24 Breakfast yesterday, Sunday, March 15th; they are listed below, with links (please note links are affiliated), for anyone who may have missed the segment!

Enjoy and stay safe my friends!
Remember...keep positive - VIVA LA DOLCE!


1. Sticker Activity Books

Stickers are always a favourite with kids, especially those in the 3-6 age group. When paired with fun and educational activities, they can become a great way to entertain little ones.  I suggest the follow books: The Travel Activity Book by DK and Ultimate Sticker Book: Flags Around the World by DK; these books have interesting activities such as, learning how to say hello in a variety of languages, creating you own passport, linking landmarks to countries, linking landmarks to flags, and creating your own sticker flags.  Activities such as these offer great opportunities to teach children not only about different cultures around the world, but also about travel essentials and preparation. 

2. Board Games  

There are a variety of board games that can help children learn about different places in the world.  One in particular is, Ticket to Ride Board Game First Journey by Days of Wonder.  This game is a great way for children aged 6+ to learn a little about geography, as well as cultural landmarks.  The object of the game is to try and claim the longest routes on the map, by connecting the cities shown on their tickets.  As children do this, they "travel" around North America, and in the children's version of the game, see the landmark associated with each particular city.  What're more, there are a variety of different versions of the regular game (for ages 8+), including Ticket to Ride Europe , Ticket to Ride New York, and more.

3. Learn a new language via favourite movies

There is nothing wrong with a little bit of screen time as long as it is limited.  Make the best of your children's' digital experiences by turning movie time, for example, into a cultural educational experience! This is done by simply changing the language settings on the movie.  For example, if your kids love Disney's Frozen 2, change the audio to French and add English subtitles in the settings menu.  Since the kids are familiar with the storyline of the movie, they won't be overwhelmed with figuring out what's going on as well as what's being said.  Instead, your children can enjoy hearing their favourite characters express new phrases in a different language that they themselves will most likely start repeating! 

4. Cooking school with friends and family

Although gatherings are discouraged these days, there's nothing stopping you from doing a virtual cooking class.  Jump on a video call with a friend or family member, and enjoy going through lessons together on how to make your favourite cultural dish.  If you can, do a little research on the dish beforehand, so that way you can educate your children on how it connects to the culture of focus. 

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