Tuesday 21 July 2020

Take the kids on a "Trip Around the World"

With the summer upon us, and no travel plans in sight, it's time to get a little creative regarding ways to travel!

I recently had the pleasure of sharing a few ideas on City TV's Breakfast Television Toronto on how to "travel" with kids using various activities.  These ideas offer a great way to explore new languages, foods and landmarks while remaining in the safety and comfort of your home!

Check out the list below for more details on these fun and educational ideas:

1. "Ticket to Ride Board" Game - This game teaches about various landmarks in a certain country or continent (depending on the version bought) while players try to claim train routes around the board.  

2. Sticker Books - The books featured on the show included a "Flags Around the World" book and a "Travel Activity Book."  These books offer opportunities to learn about language, cultural customs and flags of different counties, all the while having fun with stickers - something that many kids love!

3. Languages and Movies - Many children love their screen time; while screen time is ok in limited doses, it's always best to try and make it as educational as possible.  One idea is to change the language settings of your child's favourite movie as a way to introduce new words and phrases in your language of choice.  By choosing a favourite film, your child will be familiar with the storyline and can concentrate morso on the language being learned.

4. Food - A great way to introduce culture is through food!  Have children learn from grandparents, or other family and friends, who can offer lessons on new dishes.  As they make the dish together, they can discuss it's origins, and the role it plays in the culture being studied.


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