Wednesday, 7 February 2018

A Love Letter to Italy

When I saw the topic for this month's Dolce Vita Bloggers Monthly Link-Up, I was excited to write about a topic so dear to my heart.  Read below, my love letter to my "Valentine," Italy:

*   *   *   *   *

Dear Italy,

Where do I begin... I was first introduced to you when I was four years old.  You impressed me with your beautiful language, lush scenery, fresh mountain air, amazing food, fun festas and so much more.  It wasn't long before we became good friends, and I was excited to be able to visit you time and time again over the years.

With each visit I grew more fond of you. You opened up and showed me new and exciting things about you that kept me coming back for more. New landscapes, new traditions, new ways of truly enjoying life.  Soon I longed for the times when I would see you again, as the time spent apart felt like agony.

While I was away all I would do is compare others to you, but no one else could steal my heart quite like you, not even my own native land.

As I began my life as a young adult, I decided it was time to get serious and take our relationship to the next level.  As I started to plan my move over to your quarters, I was quickly cautioned.  People told me I had simply fallen under your spell and they warned me of your faults. They insisted that Italy wasn't just all about "la dolce vita."  It pained me to hear but I knew deep down they were right.  I had seen the faults they were talking about - the lack of work, the disorganization, the political troubles - but I had ignored it all.  Instead, I chose to concentrate on the special things that only you could offer the way you do - the appreciation of art, the zest for life, the passion for love, and of course, the mastering of "il dolce far niente."

Yet, I never did make that move.  My dear Italy, you were simply the one that got away.  And so now, I content myself with our happy memories from the past, and relive that happiness by continuing to admire you from afar.  You've touched my heart like no one else, and each time we meet again, we exchange a sweet smile that only we understand.  Until next time amore...


  1. I got excited too when I saw the topic for this month's link-up! Your letter is so beautiful. I love how you say Italy is the one that got away but you still share a special relationship.

  2. Beautiful letter Danila. I love how we all share the same passion and desires for this special country. :)

  3. Oh I got so excited then thinking you moved and braved it all. This is what I want to do. But there's so many issues! Oh Italia! Thank you for sharing this xx

  4. Ahhhh I was hoping to read you made the leap whether the spell was actually a spell or not! It's special that you've been able to make it back to Italy so many times and were able to visit at such a young age. Keep coming back to bella italia!

  5. Aww. We hope you get to visit again soon! :) We went for the first time when we were 4 years old too! <3

    Lucy and Kelly

  6. Danila, I think this might be the first letter I've read from any of the Dolce Vita Bloggers that addressed Italy as "the one that got away". Adore that. It's so romantic and bittersweet but I think is the case for many people, not just yourself. Thanks for contributing this month, hope we'll see future posts from you as well, great writing and I just love to hear your perspective as a Italo-Canadian!

  7. I have heard the same thing from so many people, especially Italians that Italy is not all about la dolce vita. But like you too, I have chosen to focus on the good things because there is so much good! Sometimes I think I'd love to live in Italy forever, and then sometimes I think I'd rather keep it as a vacation destination to keep the magic. Thank you for joining us Danila!

  8. Danila this is great! The faults are real but I am so glad you kept your love for Bella Italia. Hope you get to make that move one day (actually I am sure you will).



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