Monday 5 February 2018


Seeing as it is the month of love, each Monday Viva la Dolce will be featuring a romantic Italian song.

To kick off the month, VLD is featuring the classic love song by Eros Ramazzotti, entitled, "Più Bella Cosa."  In this song, Ramazzotti is singing about his relationship with the woman he is devoted to, and how wonderful life is with her.  The chorus states the line, "più bella cosa non c'è, più bella cosa di te" which translates to, "there is nothing more beautiful, more than you."  

While this is an incredibly sweet sentiment, I especially love the last line of the song (that is also stated throughout the ballad), which is  "Grazie di esistere" ("thank you for existing").  How romantic! 

Check out the video below...

Translation from with some revisions by Viva la Dolce

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