Monday 12 October 2015

Thanksgiving Favourites

Thanksgiving is a great time of year!  Not only does it occur during one of my favourite seasons, but it is filled with so many of my other "favourites" as well!  From pumpkin patches to family gatherings, this special occasion marks a time for many joyous moments!

It is also a time when we are called to truly reflect upon all the blessings we have in our lives.  While many of us aim to do this more often, we unfortunately sometimes lose track amidst the hustle and bustle of the everyday. Thanksgiving is that gentle reminder to look around us and see the gifts we have been given, and more importantly, appreciate them wholeheartedly.

Viva la Dolce wishes you and your family a wonderful thanksgiving this year!

And now for a few of my Thanksgiving favourites . . .

    Pumpkin Pie (mmm...)

    Harvest Inspired Decor

    Fall Leaves

What are your Thanksgiving Favourites?  
Tell me in the comments below!

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