Tuesday 6 April 2021

A presto!

Viva la Dolce is getting a mini facelift! ;) 

I am excited to be updating the blog after it's debut almost 7 years ago!

While the blog is undergoing some changes, be sure to follow all the "dolce" on our Instagram , Facebook,   Twitter, and/or Pinterest!

A presto! See you soon!

Tuesday 2 March 2021

TikTok Fetapasta with an Italian twist!

As you know, the #TikTokTrends are all the craze these days!  

These fun pastimes are helping to not only fill these pandemic hours, but also give us a good laugh or two, or in this case, some good eats!

Check out my segment on Global News Weekend, where I give an Italian twist to the current TikTok Fetapasta Trend.

Hope you enjoy! 

Buon appetito!

Tuesday 2 February 2021

Viva la Dolce Etsy Shop - New Prints!

Looking for a special something for that special someone this Valentine's Day? 

Viva la Dolce has you covered! 

Click here to check out the new prints in our shop.

Wishing you "un buon san Valentino" (Happy Valentine's Day!)

Friday 1 January 2021

Happy New Year! Welcome 2021!

This past year was no doubt difficult for all!  The year 2020 was "unprecedented" as we heard many say multiple times, and it definitely taught us a lot about ourselves, our community and the world as a whole.

While there were difficult moments throughout the year, there were also countless fantastic ones!  In fact, if I had to sum up 2020 in three words, they would be CREATIVITY, LOVE and PEACE.

Creativity - The creativity that came out of this year was amazing. Starting with the beautiful ingenuity that we saw at the beginning of the pandemic with all of the special ways people found to communicate and connect while being on lockdown - from balcony dances to IG live concerts, to coffees being transferred from balcony to balcony on a string, these are the beautiful moments I will hold dear from 2020. In addition, I am so grateful for all the fun creative projects I had the opportunity to do - from my Dolce Vita Mercato events (and the amazing community I discovered through them), to TV appearances, to fun musical moments ...these brought me back to my roots and gave me light in this dark year.

Love - It is no doubt we have all been stretched to the max. We all have dealt with hardships this year in a variety of ways...each knows their own story. Through tears, frustration, grief and panic, it is love that has helped us to survive. Through the love and support of others, and most importantly through the love and respect of ourselves, we have made it through. 

Patience - lol...is this not THE word of the year? From patience with lockdown schedules, changes in the education system, suddenly wearing ALL of the hats as a parent (a mat leave plus home schooling was interesting to say least...), and many more difficult situations, we have had no choice but to endure it all and patiently wait for it to pass. 

As I look to 2021, I pray for this dreadful pandemic to resolve and for brighter days ahead, but I also hope that all of the positivity and beauty that has come out of 2020 will not be lost but instead continue and flourish into bigger and better things in the new year! 

Cheers / Cin Cin to an amazing 2021! 

Buon anno a tutti! Happy New Year everyone! 

Friday 27 November 2020

Dolce Christmas Gift Sets have arrived!

It's finally time to unveil our Dolce Christmas Gift Sets and we are so excited!  

Each gift set has been hand selected with unique items that are sure to help bring some "dolce vita" vibes to you and yours this Christmas!  What's more, each basket contains item(s) from local vendors, as we believe it's important to work together in helping to support the community during these unprecedented times.  Moreover, proceeds from each gift set sold will be donated to the Red Door Family Shelter.

Our gifts sets are organized based on various themes.  Check out the options below, so you can find the perfect fit for that special someone this Christmas - or maybe even yourself! ;)

For a closer look at the items in each set - including video of each - check out our Instagram @vldolce 

Enjoy and happy shopping! 

*Please note - All gift sets come wrapped in the boxes seen with each set (including gold bow accessory) .  Local GTA (Greater Toronto Area) pickup/drop off for all gift sets only.

For all the coffee lovers in your life!

For all the fashionistas, cooks, or home decor enthusiasts in your life! This Dolce & Gabbana inspired set is sure to please.

(*differences in sets include oval or rectangular dish and lavender or sweet orange soap scent)

For all the travel enthusiasts in your life - especially those who love Capri, Italy!

Friday 9 October 2020

Lavazza inspired Pumpkin Tiramisu


In Canada we are getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday!  In anticipation of the event, I have partnered with Lavazza Canada (AD) to bring you a fun twist on the classic tiramisu! With its rich flavours and individual portion sizes, this recipe is perfect, and safe, for your Thanksgiving meal! 

 See the full recipe below, as well as a video with step by step instructions: 

•Combine the following in a bowl:

1/3 cup of sugar

1 cup of whipping cream

Mix on high until well blended and peaks form.

•In a separate bowl combine:

1 cup of mascarpone

2/3 cup of pumpkin puree

1 egg yolk

1/8 of cinnamon

1/8 of nutmeg

Mix on high until well blended. 

•Combine the two mixtures and put aside.

•Cut 10-15 ladyfinger biscuits in half 

•Prepare about two cups of @lavazzaca Espresso Italiano, and allow to cool

•Lightly dip one half of the ladyfinger cookie into the espresso, then place into the cup

•Place a dollop of the mixture into the cup

onto the cookie. 

•Repeat this process one or two more times, until the cup is filled to your liking. 

•Top with cocoa powder and serve! 

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving! 

Thursday 17 September 2020

Dolce Vita Mercato - Fall Edition


After a successful mercato this past summer, Viva la Dolce is proud to present the Dolce Vita Mercato - Fall Edition!  Join us on October 29th - 31st for a unique wine tasting with celebrity wine expert, Angela Aiello (@superwinegirl); fun shopping with Italian imported or inspired items; breathtaking virtual tours of Italy and more!

With travel plans still on hold, this is one of the best ways to experience Italian culture and indulge in "la dolce vita"!  Don't miss it!

Follow along on Instagram @dolcevitamercato and visit www.dolcevitamercato.com for further details!


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