Monday, 31 July 2017

Music Monday ~ n.2

For this week's edition of VLD's Music Mondays, I'm bringing you one of Italy's top artists at the moment, Baby K.  Her song, "Voglio Ballare Con Te" ("I want to dance with you"), is one of this year's top summer hits, and features Spanish singer-songwriter, Andrés Ceballos (also known as Andrés Dvicio).  

This song is a classic example of an Italian summer song.  It talks about falling for someone, forgetting about all your worries and cares and just dancing the night away with that special someone, until the wee hours of the morning.  It encapsulates that "live for the moment," kind of lifestyle that Italians are so well known for.
Of course it also makes reference to the beach and "il mare" (the ocean), which is pretty much a staple in Italian songs of the summer.  

You will see there there is not only a little bit of Spanish mixed into this song, but one English word as well (leave a comment below when you find out what it is!).  This is of no surprise, as Italians have adapted many English words into the Italian language, rather than translating them.

Without further ado, crank up the volume and balla (dance) away...

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