Monday 30 October 2017


In the spirit of Halloween, this week's Music Monday selection features the amazing, yet slightly haunting voice of Giuliano Sangiorgi - lead singer of the popular Italian music group, Negramaro.

Sangiorgi is known for his unique sound, and multi-talents.  Not only does he perform lead vocals with the band, but he also plays guitar and piano. Furthermore, he is a songwriter with multiple hits, including, "Le Parole Che Non Ti Ho Detto," which was sung by distinguished tenor, Andrea Bocelli.  

The song, "Mentre Tutto Scorre," from the group's album of the same name, discusses a failed love and seems almost like an argument between Sangiorgi and his lost lover.  He dares this other individual to try to take him down, but assures that he won't be so easily beaten.
When asked in interviews the significance of the line, "Green rabbit with a thousand funny faces," Sangiorgi explains that it can be interpreted in a variety of ways, and basically means, whatever you want it to mean.  It can mean hope or disillusionment; it is a mixture of interpretations.

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