Friday 2 February 2018

DOLCE TO-DO! ~ February list

It's February...the month of love!

This month is all about celebrating love and kindness towards yourself, and most especially towards those around you.  VLD has got you covered on ideas for self-care, as well as, ways to sweeten the lives of others.

Check out the "Dolce To-Do List" below and make the most of your February!

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1. Valentine's Cards - Take some time this month to write some sweet notes to those you care about. 

2. Bake! - Put on a cute apron and get movin' and grovin' in the kitchen!  Valentine's Day is usually celebrated with sweet treats, so look up some yummy recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth and try them out. If you have little ones in your life, this can be a great activity to do together to help celebrate the occasion.

3. Turn Up the Volume! - Create a romantic playlist and listen on repeat all month long...

4. Treat Yourself - Whether it's a service or an item that you've been longing for, treat yourself to it this month!  Who says you need a Valentine to buy you something special?  Show some self-love, and spoil yourself!

5. Treat Someone Else - Living in a consumerist culture, it's easy to run out and buy the latest gadget for your Valentine, however this year why not try and make something from the heart?   If you're not feeling crafty, perhaps you can think of a fun experience that you and your special someone can share together. The important thing is, show that you're listening to your partner, and surprise them with something you know they will truly enjoy!

6. Movie Time - Get into the holiday spirit, and watch a romantic movie with your special someone, or a fun film with friends!

7. Bubble Bath - Practice some self-care and relax in a luxurious bubble bath.  Grab a glass of champagne, add some candles and you will feel like you're at the spa!

8. Pay-it-forward - Try and do something nice for a stranger each day of this love-filled month.  Whether it's holding the door open for someone, asking someone how they are, paying for their coffee in the drive-thru, or even just sending them a smile, these little acts go a long way.  Hopefully your kindness will inspire others to do the same!

9. Be Bold - Try out a beautiful new shade of red lipstick!  If red really isn't your thing, than try a bold new pink or fushia!  

10. Get Outdoors - Try and enjoy as many outdoor winter sports as you can this month.  With spring soon approaching, the snow will be gone before you know it!  You can kill two birds with one stone, and enjoy a winter activity as part of your Valentine's Day festivities!


  1. Great suggestions, we really do need to remember to love ourselves and what better time to do it than February when we all need an extra pick me up! :)

  2. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed them :)



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