Monday 12 February 2018


Continuing on with the Valentine's Day theme for this month, this Music Monday VLD is featuring Adriano Celentano's classic love song entitled, "L'emozione Non Ha Voce" ("Emotion Has No Voice"). 

This song was released in 1999, on the album, "Io Non So Parlar D'Amore" ("I Don't Know How to Speak of Love").  The success of this song helped the album stay within the top 50 on Hit Parade Italiana for 101 consecutive weeks!  This comes as no surprise, as Celentano delivers an emotionally raw ballad which speaks about the power of love between two individuals who may not always have the perfect relationship, but are meant to be nonetheless.  It's a very relatable song, which is probably why it strikes as a favourite for many.

Check it out below!

Translation by and Viva la Dolce

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