Friday 3 August 2018

Dolce To-Do ~ August List

So, it's the last month of summer...are you panicking yet?  Well, hopefully not!  Many people get a little anxious as they realize that summer is winding down - especially if they haven't crossed off all their "to-do" items yet.  Hopefully you aren't in that position, but if so, take a deep breath, relax and start planning.  Don't waste another minute of these summer days! 

Check out the list below for some fun activities to make the most of the last few weeks of summer!

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1. Check out a summer concert: Open air concerts are an amazing experience!  Check out your local listings, and book your tickets for a night of entertainment under the stars.

2. Camp out: Whether you love the great outdoors, or prefer "glamping" it up in a chic little cottage, set aside some time to enjoy this great summer activity.  You don't ever realize how much of a break you need from city-life until you take one!

3. Roast Marshmellows: Whether part of a camping trip or an activity on it’s own, roasting marshmellows in the great outdoors is a fun activity for both kids and adults. Be sure to get the jumbo marshmallows for extra gooey-ness! 

4. Enjoy a boat cruise: You don’t have to own a yacht to enjoy some time on the water. simply book a local boat cruise! Hosting an event? Consider renting a boat for your party! 

5. Visit the zoo: The zoo is always fun during the summer months. Seeing the animals up close and personal is always a treat! Just be sure not to go when it’s too hot, as the animals will be hiding for some shade. 

6. Visit a theme park: Rides, shows, food - theme parks are your one-stop shop for a fun full-day activity. Visit a local park, or splurge a bit and book a destination park.

7. Watch an outdoor movie: Whether visiting a drive-in or setting up your own movie screening in your backyard, be sure to try out this great summer activity. With a blanket, some popcorn and a sky full of stars, it will be surely be one of your favourite movie watching experiences!

8. Indulge in fresh eats: Summer is definitely the time to indulge in fresh, local eats. If you have the opportunity, try growing a vegetable garden, or even some berries. The effort is worth the tasty reward! 

9. Bake some treats: With all the fresh fruit and vegetables in abundance, now is a great time to look up some of your favourite recipes and bake away! Another great sweet treat is to take those veggies and fruits and make great frozen treats!

10. Soak in the sun: Whether it's lounging on a beach, playing with your kids in the yard, or sipping a drink on a patio, make sure to soak up the vitamin D in these weeks of summer! You know you will be missing it when the cold weather hits. (Don't forget to lather not the SPF of course!) 

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