Friday 28 September 2018

Dolce To-Do ~ September

With the month of September coming to an end, I am in disbelief at how fast this month flew by!  It's definitely been a busy one here at Viva la Dolce, as we prepare for many exciting fall events!

While each month has it's share of busy moments, September is one of those months filled with many new beginnings and adventures, making it one of the more active months in the calendar.  As we pull ourselves from the lazy days of summer, September forces us to bounce back into full school and/or work mode, and prepare for the holidays ahead (Thankgiving, Halloween, and Christmas!).

I hope many of you found some dolce moments throughout the month to enjoy some of the more fun "to-dos" on your list! ;)  If not, you still have one last weekend left of the month to enjoy!  Check out some fun ideas below on how to make the most of these last days of September!

 1. Apple Picking ~ Visit a local orchard and enjoy a fun day of apple picking!  Many orchards also feature other great activities to enjoy while you're there, such as hay rides and games, as well as, some fresh baked treats (yum!)

2. Pumpkin Spice ~ Enjoy some "pumpkin spice" wherever you go!  It seems most companies have jumped on the pumpkin spice bandwagon - from food, to clothing to stationary - leaving no shortage of "pumpkin spice" items to enjoy during the month.  The lattes and muffins are definitely a must-have on my list!

3. Collect Fall Leaves ~ As the seasons change over, you will find the sidewalks and streets filled with beautiful leaves. Collect some and create a fun craft, or simply frame some of your favourite leaves for some unique nature inspired decor! 

4. Get out the cozy stuff ~ From oversized sweaters to furry blankets and fuzzy slippers, September is definitely the month to start snuggling up in your favourite cozy items!

5. Decorate for fall ~ It's time to open the fall decor boxes and start decorating! Whether pumpkins and gourds are your thing, or strictly halloween decor, you can now officially dress up your home with it all!  


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