Friday 8 May 2020


Mother's Day is a couple of days away and you find yourself still scratching your head for the perfect gift this point it's too late to order anything and you're feeling stuck.  Don't worry, Viva la Dolce has you covered! 

With Covid-19 and everyone under quarantine, the usual go-tos are off limits, such as salon gift cards, spa dates, and restaurant outings. Moreover, with social distancing rules in effect, many families are separated.  As a result, many mothers are going to appreciate something that will help them feel closer to their loved ones.

Check out the list below for five ideas that will help do just that.  The best part is most of the ideas require items you already have at home!

* PICTURE COLLAGE : Gather pictures of favourite memories and arrange them onto a poster or onto a virtual canvas.  This will help mom to remember wonderful family moments together and act as a way to still see everyone while social distancing.  

* PUT ON A SHOW : Gather family together and create a fun dance or song, or perform a favourite!  If your family celebrates cultural dances, this is the time to let mom see that you know how to carry on those traditions.  This one is especially great if there are little kids in the family - they always put on a great show!

* SHOW OFF YOUR COOKING SKILLS : Surprise mom by cooking her favourite meal, or better yet a meal she has been trying to teach you!  Show her that you do pay attention to her efforts ;)

* CREATE A HOME SPA : Since your mom can't get to the spa, why not create some great face masks or body scrubs that she can use at home.  There are various sites online with great recipes for hair, facial and body care!

* HER FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES : Spend some time this Mother's Day with your mom doing some of her favourite activities.  Does she like gardening?  Help her plant!  Does she enjoy baking?  Help her with the recipe!  Does she enjoy organizing and cleaning?  Help her in any way that will make it easier for her to get the job done!  Even if her interests do not exactly align with your own, join her anyway.  This Mother's Day it's all about her.

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