Monday 20 November 2017


Many times when teaching students language, I often emphasize the fact that practice is key.  Since immersion is one of the best methods for learning how to communicate in a foreign tongue, it can often be frustrating when one cannot participate in such an experience.  This leads me to suggest a variety of ways to authentically interact with the second language in one's home country (stay tuned for those in another post!).  Amongst those suggestions is, listening to radio stations in the native tongue. Although one may not understand everything that is being said, the important thing is hearing the accent and intonation of the foreign language.  After all, that is a huge part of the language learning process.  Eventually, one will pick up on the vocabulary as well!

Since Viva la Dolce focuses mainly on Italian language learning, I have suggested below some of Italy's top radio stations to tune in to!  

Happy Listening!

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