Wednesday 15 November 2017


It's already mid-month, daylight saving time has ended, and holiday prep is everywhere - how are you feeling?  

November is an interesting month: it is a time to mourn the dead (according to the Catholic calendar); it is the time when daylight saving ends, making the days shorter; and it is the time businesses start inundating us with holiday reminders.  While this can all seem very overwhelming, there is a way to look at things positively and make this your best month yet!  See below for some suggestions on how to make the most of the rest of your November! ;)

1. Take time to reflect ~ In the Catholic calendar, November 2nd is observed as "All Souls Day," and is a day to honour those who have passed on.   Whether or not this is your faith, it is always important to take some time to remember those special individuals who are no longer with us.  This month, take a moment to revisit some old photos, share some stories, or simply light a candle in honour of the individual(s); the most important thing is to honour their memory and focus on all the positive moments you shared.

2. Enjoy an espresso! ~ National Espresso day is Novemeber 23rd, so break out your barista skills and make some espresso!  Ristretto, Lungo, Macchiato...the list goes on! Whichever way you choose, enjoy this special treat on this special day!

3. Read a book ~ With the evenings getting darker and colder, it's the perfect time to cozy up under a blanket - preferably by the fire - and indulge in a great read! It is a nice alternative to all the tech most of us are usually interacting with, and allows for some quiet time in your day.

4. Go to an event ~ November is a great time to seek out a new and exciting event.  There are often many fundraisers and conferences going on at this time of year, as well as many artisan shows featuring goodies for the upcoming holiday season!  Check out the local listings in your area to see where you can go!

5. Bring out the cozy blankets ~ With the weather growing colder each day, this is definitely the time of year to change out the light summer sheets and blankets, for the heavier, cozier, winter ones!

6. Make your Christmas list and check it twice! ~ No last minute running around for you!  To avoid the "I don't know what to get them!" anxiety at Christmas, make sure to call or message your loved ones and ask them what's on their wish list this year.  Not only will this allow you to be organized when it comes time to go shopping, but it may also help you secure the item for a cheaper price, as it allows you some time to find it on sale!

7. Enjoy the Santa Claus parade! ~ Here in Toronto, Santa Claus comes to town mid-November.  While this is a great chance to get the kiddies out there for some fun, it's also a time for you to relive your own childhood Christmas memories!  So grab some hot cocoa, bundle up and wave hello to good ol' Saint Nick!

8. Winterize your car ~ Before you know it, the snow will be falling, and you want to make sure you're prepared when it comes.  Be sure to change to winter tires, store a snow brush, scraper, and blanket in the car, and prepare anything else you need to have a winter ready vehicle!

9. Bake (or learn how)! ~  With Christmas visits in the near future, it is always a good idea to have some baked goodies ready to serve or to gift!  If you're not sure of your baking skills, consider enrolling in a holiday baking class, or invite a friend over to help you through the trial and error process!  If baking is really not your thing, take this time to visit your favourite bakeries and start putting in those orders!

10. Christmas Decor ~  Probably one of my most favourite things about Christmas prep is the holiday decor!  It's time to break out the garlands and ornaments, stockings and wreaths, and anything else you have to help celebrate the holiday season!  Don't forget to listen to Christmas carols while you decorate to help really get into the Christmas spirit!

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