Monday 13 November 2017


This Music Monday, VLD is featuring Italian artist, Biagio Antonacci, with his current hit, "In Mezzo al Mondo" ("In the Middle of the World").

Although Antonacci had a slow start to success, he is now known as one of Italy's prominent male artists.  He has even been recognized internationally, winning "Best Selling Italian Male Artist" in 2005 at the World Music Awards.

Antonacci is well known for his romantic ballads, such as the one featured below.  This song discusses the emotions experienced when one has a "secret crush;" the longing to be with that person, and the sadness at realizing that they don't even know you exist.  The video is entertaining, as it brings to life the many daydreams that this gentleman has of him and his crush.

Be sure to check out the lyrics - both Italian and English - to learn some Italian along the way!

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